discovery of yosemite national park grant hiskes and john hiskes

discovery of yosemite national parkWho Really Discovered Yosemite?

New data has become available that reveals the Walker Expedition members to be the true discoverers of the Yosemite Valley.

Joseph Rutherford Walker was an exceptionally intuitive explorer who possessed an amazing ability to read and remember the geography and topology of uncharted territory, despite little or no formal education.

There continues to be some controversy concerning this history, but after reviewing all the available evidence it is the author’s considered opinion that members of the Walker Party, including Walker himself, were the first non-native men to view Yosemite Valley and the first to pass through the Yosemite Park region.

About This Book

History comes alive with the graphic description of the various odd, colorful, and often-difficult personalities comprising this motley crew, and deepens the sense of adventuire and anticipation of things to come.

Readers will sympathize with Walker’s huge challenge in dealing with this disparate group, admire his strong leadership capability, and be drawn into this extraordinary journey vicariously, taking every step along with Joseph Walker in this vivid narrative that reads like fiction.

Readers will delight in this lively account of the discovery of Yosemite Valley, drawn from original journals and documents. Read more...

About the Authors

John Hiskes
John arrived in Berkely in 1949 to attend the University. After receiving an M.A. degree in 1952 John worked for the U.C. Radiation Laboratory, receiving a Ph.D. in physics in 1960. Read more...

Grant Hiskes
Yosemite was first revealed to Grant on a family camping trip when he was a child, and it was love at first sight. Grant moved to Yosemite after graduating from high school and quickly established himself as a respected rock climber and member of the Yosemite Mountain Rescue Team. Read more...