Discovery of Yosemite by Grant Hiskes and John Hiskes

About the Book

The Discovery of Yosemite 1833
Route of the Walker Expedition Through the Yosemite Region

by Grant Hiskes & John Hiskes

Discovery of Yosemite by John Hiskes, Grant HiskesHistory comes alive with the graphic description of the various odd, colorful, and often-difficult personalities comprising this motley crew, and deepens the sense of adventuire and anticipation of things to come.

Readers will sympathize with Walker’s huge challenge in dealing with this disparate group, admire his strong leadership capability, and be drawn into this extraordinary journey vicariously, taking every step along with Joseph Walker in this vivid narrative that reads like fiction.

Readers will delight in this lively account of the discovery of Yosemite Valley, drawn from original journals and document. It retains the full flavor of the extraordinary difficulty and almost unsurmountable obstacles these intrepid explorers faced as they forged their way West into unknown and unexplored territory. Walker’s traverse of the Park is shown in detail through a series of detailed, sequential topo maps, making it easy to accompany him and retrace his route to Yosemite Point and share his sense of exhileration when it culminated with a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean.

The Retrospective of Chapter Nine is intended to provide an overview of nineteenth-century developments regarding the history of the Yosemite discovery and its explorations. The text is supported by ample notes, topographic maps along with an extensive Bibliography.

This incisive narrative is a must-read for all enthusiasts of California history!

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